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Mar 02

This looks to be the very beginning of that Buckley/Chomsky Firing Line, which is not included in the first two clips I posted and is notable in how it further underscores the most important lesson modern conservatives can learn from the late Bill Buckley.  Witness the gentility with which he threatens to smash Noam in the goddamn face.  Mr. O’Reilly ought to take notes.

Feb 29


If only discourse of this caliber still existed on American television.  Bill Buckley was a reactionary zealot, and in this contest between real critical analysis and an apologist’s mere punditry, he’s completely outclassed by one of the finest minds of the last century.

In fairness to Buckley, he was no fan of George W. Bush or the war in Iraq.  His analyses, on this subject and others, veered toward a sort of thoughtful, coherent jingoism that I always preferred to Sean Hannity’s bilious jingoism or Bill Kristol’s bland jingoism.  I know that’s not exactly high praise, but it’s the best I could do.  RIP, Bill.

Here’s Part 2 of the Chomsky/Buckley debate.