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Apr 25

UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans (Gracie Breakdown) (by GracieBreakdown)

These Gracie Breakdowns are awesome.   

When I trained with Craig Kukuk a million years ago, I remember we’d break down those early UFCs in class every week, especially the Royce fights, and go over what Royce was doing while it looked like he wasn’t doing anything, and what all those guys who lost to Royce in the early days should have done instead.

Dana White needs to hire Rener and Ryron.  I know the Gracies and the UFC are all broken up now, or whatever, but they invented this shit.  Also, how likeable and smart are these dudes?  Plus it’s not like the currently pervasive rapebro culture at the UFC is helping to legitimize or professionalize the sport. 

Jan 24

Just read Tomas Rios’ great CLASSICAL post on women’s MMA and then immediately internetted all 4 of Ronda Rousey’s pro fights, which took a combined 2 minutes and 30 seconds to watch because she is indeed a goddamn armbar “savant” and does things like ⬆ this. (Warning: dislocated elbow footage above.)

Watching someone operate with that kind of grappling precision in an MMA bout gives me goosebumps.

(Source: youtube.com)